ISO 9001 - Quality Management System

Projects that lead to certification - performed at your office or remotely!

An ISO 9001 certification is a way to show, both internally and externally, that the organization is dedicated to systematically improving and meeting and exceeding the expectations of its customers and stakeholders. A certified management system provides a stronger brand and increased trust from customers and the outside world.

We have solid experience in helping organizations create effective management systems that meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

ISO 13485 - Management system for Medical Devices

Projects that lead to certification - performed at your office or remotely!

ISO 13485 is a standard for quality management that refers to medical equipment. The standard is based on ISO 9001 but has higher requirements for formal documentation and specific requirements for product safety.

A certification according to ISO 13485 makes it easier for organizations by meeting customers' needs and at the same time meeting the statutory requirements for the manufacture of medical products.

EN 1090 - Quality assurance of steel and aluminum structures

Projects that lead to certification - performed at your office or remotely!

The standard EN 1090 is a European standard that regulates the manufacture and assembly of steel and aluminum structures. The standard is a requirement for products to be sold in Europe and all organizations that design or manufacture steel and / or aluminum structures must comply with EN 1090. We can help you become certified according to EN 1090.

Project management and service agreement

We offer projects where we create and implement the documentation required and create an efficient work process to comply with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and EN 1090 in the daily work. The documentation includes, among other things, stakeholder analysis, risk assessment, policy, processes and routines as well as related templates. Together with you, we set up routines that work practically and distribute areas of responsibility within the organization. We also train your staff internally during the project.

We also offer a service agreement where we take the ongoing responsibility as external quality manager. We handle annual audits of quality work, law enforcement, documentation, internal training and general support in various issues.

In the service agreement, we take responsibility for:

  • Implementation of the management system
  • Annual internal review / audit
  • Documentation and writing of routines
  • Internal training
  • Support in various ongoing issues

A quality management system provides benefits such as:

  • Higher productivity
  • Fewer complaints
  • Better precision in the management of the business
  • Lower costs
  • The staff gets a better understanding of the whole
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Stronger brand

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