GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

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The GDPR - the Data Protection Regulation - is a regulation that applies throughout the EU and aims to create a uniform and equivalent level of protection of personal data so that the free flow of data within Europe is not hindered.

If an organization fails in its processing of personal data, they may be forced to pay a so-called administrative penalty fee of up to EUR 20 million or four percent of their global turnover. That assessment is primarily made by the supervisory authority in each country, for Sweden's the Integrity Protection Authority. We at Qbase have solid knowledge of the GDPR and what is required to comply with the regulation. We offer projects for implementation and training in GDPR. If you want to read more about the education and book, you can do so here.

We help companies, organizations, authorities and tenant-owner associations to comply with the GDPR.

Project management and service agreement

GDPR places great demands on organizations to have well-developed documentation in their work to comply with GDPR. We offer projects where we create and implement the required documentation and create an efficient work process to comply with GDPR in the daily work. The documentation includes policies, processes and routines as well as related templates. Together with you, we set up routines that work practically and distribute areas of responsibility within the organization. We also train your staff internally. If necessary, we can also assume the role of Data Protection Officer or representative / responsible.

We also offer a service agreement where we take on the ongoing responsibility as an external DSO (Data Protection Officer). We handle annual audits of the process, law enforcement, documentation, internal training and general support in GDPR issues.

In the service agreement, we take responsibility for:

  • Implementation of GDPR.
  • Annual internal review / audit
  • Documentation and writing of routines
  • Internal training in the practical work with GDPR.
  • Support in GDPR issues

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    You know that we can also act as Data Protection Officer in your business?

    By hiring Qbase as a data protection representative, you ensure the supply of competence and experience in the area while you live up to the requirements of the GDPR.

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