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Vulnerability analysis and measures for a secure IT environment!

Qbase Cybersecurity is a service that helps your organization ensure cyber security and thus a secure IT environment. Through an in-depth vulnerability analysis and practical measures, we help our customers to a safer life.

We live in an increasingly digital world, which means that our dependence on a secure and functioning IT environment is growing.
The risk of various cyber threats increases with digitalisation, at the same time as laws and regulations place higher demands on how we handle our data.

To help our customers navigate this life, Qbase has developed the Qbase Cybersecurity service.

We do a vulnerability analysis to see how your IT environment lives up to good cyber security. The analysis includes both hardware, software and working methods.

We then draw up an action plan to deal with vulnerabilities that have been discovered. In the last step, we also implement the action plan in the business. 

We also offer ongoing collaborations that ensure that you live up to good cyber security.

In the vulnerability analysis, we check, among other things:

  • Vulnerability to extortion (eg ransomware) and espionage
  • Firewall configurations
  • encryption
  • Malware protection
  • Backup
  • Password management and secure login
  • Control of access and authorization
  • Network security
  • Degree of consciousness

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    Did you know that we also implement management systems for information security according to ISO 27001?

    We offer projects where we create and implement the required documentation and create an efficient work process to comply with ISO 27001.

    About us

    Qbase started in 2014 as a consulting company focusing on the implementation of management systems. We still have all the customers with whom we started collaborations during the first year. Our business has grown both in the number of customers and in their increased need for services. Today, Qbase is a company that works with management systems, law compliance, tenders, IT security and training. We are based in Stockholm and operate all over the country with good collaborations at a distance.

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