We help you win the tenders - the work is done at your office or remotely!

Public authorities procure for between SEK 500 and 700 billion annually. Organizations that write tenders without external competence from experienced tender writers win between 10-20% of the tenders they participate in. With us, the profit statistics are 50-60% and are constantly increasing by evaluating and refining our process for each individual customer after all procurements.

Winning a public procurement requires resources, time and skills. We give you the opportunity to get new customer assignments and increase your sales through our tender service. Then monitor tender requests and find the right tender that suits your business. We write tenders and create new business opportunities for you by winning public procurements.

In a first meeting, we draw up a plan together by going through your business plan, your needs and future development opportunities. Then we set up monitoring of public procurement and tenders via digital services to sort out the tenders that can benefit your business. We compile and present tenders for you continuously weekly or monthly and you choose the tenders that are interesting. We write the tenders for you according to the tender documents and requirements specification in the procurement. After each completed procurement, we make an evaluation to follow up and improve your chances of winning for each bid. Our tender business includes:

  • Active monitoring and tender search
  • Compilation and analysis of requirements specification
  • Writing of tenders
  • Evaluation and follow-up

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    Did you know that we also offer services in legal compliance?

    We offer legal advice and implementation of working methods for you to comply with current legal requirements.

    About us

    Qbase started in 2014 as a consulting company focusing on the implementation of management systems. We still have all the customers with whom we started collaborations during the first year. Our business has grown both in the number of customers and in their increased need for services. Today, Qbase is a company that works with management systems, law compliance, tenders, IT security and training. We are based in Stockholm and operate all over the country with good collaborations at a distance.

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